Endlessly by Kiersten White

Okay, so let me start off by saying WHAT AN AMAZING FINISH! Look at that cover! Something so amazing calls for high expectations. And Endlessly has lived up to it completely. I have never heard one bad thing about this book.
It is another third and final book in the Paranormalcy trilogy. 
Main character Evie teams up with the unpredictable Jack, and to everyone's surprise and joy, Reth, to, first of all, save Lend who get's captured by the Dark Queen and then open a gate for all the paranormals in existence.   But of course nothing is as simple as it seems.
Reth is still up to his mischievous ways, and in every way showing signs of being crazy. For some reason he is convinced that once the gate is open Evie is going to give up her life and her boyfriend to go into paradise with him. While at the same time Evie is trying to live with the fact that she can't walk into the same room as Lend without him passing out.
With time running out and the people closest to Evie under attack, it is up to her to hurry and open the gate before is disappears forever.
A definite five out of five stars, I wish this series could have gone on forever.

Hope you guys get a chance to read this series :) It really is an amazing series with lovable characters good and bad.
Until next time guys :) 


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