Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Hey guys, just finished Hex Hall so let's get down to it!

Meet Sophie, a witch trying to get through high school at her prom night. She thinks she is doing the right thing by doing a love spell for a lonely girl, but everything goes wrong and she is sent to a private boarding school to learn to control her powers.
She meets three other witches like her, but they are witches with a capital B. They try to recruit her, to no avail, and she instantly becomes their enemy. Her new room mate, a vampire that loves the colour pink, is anything but normal, being the only vampire in school.
Then theirs Archer, the strange warlock boy that is dating the enemy. But hey, there's some romance there that you would see coming of course.
Throw in a few murder attempts on some witches and you got yourself a pretty crazy story. But that's just another day at Hex Hall I guess.

So this was an okay book, for one of my back up books while waiting for a new shipment of books to come in. 
3 out of 5 stars, and a read if you are into the boarding school thing.

Got some new books in so I'm hoping to have some 4 and 5 stars coming in soon. But I will let you know that when I finish. Until next tie ;)


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