Happy Thanksgiving!

So this is kind of late (my bad) but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I didn't post my review this Monday because I was away with family celebrating. Let's be honest, reading can take a break for family. But I am still reading, and my plan is to have another review out this Monday AND a K's Classic this Friday if I get the chance to work on it. I have finally reached 2000 views and almost 100 posts on this Blog, and I wanted everyone to know how thankful I am for that!
For my 100th post I have debated doing a video log of it, but I am still weighing my options because I hate myself on recordings. I would love to hear some opinions from you guys (seriously, please leave a comment or something so that I can hear from you). 
I can see (through magic!) that I have been getting views not just from North America, but from countries all over the world. To me that is so amazing because it shows just how far I can go. I want to keep up this blog for as long as I can, and hopefully those of you who have joined me will stay with me for that journey.
So check out the rest of my blog (if you are new) at http://ksteenbookreview.blogspot.ca/ and recommend to your friends, because your views really do help me out.
Enjoy the rest of your week and hopefully I will see you on Friday!
- K


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