My Idea for a Harry Potter Spin Off!

So although the books weren't for me, that doesn't mean the movies were as well. I didn't have to movies, but being the stupid person who always asks useless questions during the movie as though they were real, I felt there was something missing...
In my ideal spin off of Harry Potter it would be in TV show format. We would look back starting the exact moment Harry's mom found out she was a Witch. Not only would we get to see how Harry's Aunt and Uncle were when they were younger but it would give us great insight into Harry's moms life. 
Then we would see her at Hogwarts meeting all the characters we love, including Harry's dad, Snape, Serious Black, and everyone's favourite character Tom Riddle... Since we are looking back that far we would also get to see Moaning Myrtle (I'm sorry about the spelling) backstory about before she died. Think of all the characters, think back to all the things that weren't explained in detail.
If Harry's dad was such a dick all the time, mostly to Snape but he seemed like an ass, why is it that Lily fell in love with him? Maybe a big adventure where she saw his sweet side, therefor crushing Snape's heart.
When did Tom Riddle start his plan? What really happened and how did he open the chamber of secrets? Think of all the people that followed him, how did he manage it?
And the very last episode in an epic finally would be the moment that Voldemort killed Harry's parents and the Harry Potter story began. But there are so many things that could be explained and so many people you could know more about. Think about it.
I would love for J. K. Rowling to be able to see this, but I figure not many people will. But if this ever became a show, I would watch the hell out of it! Of course, I would have to audition to be in it given the opportunity, but I would love to see the great take on this!
So what do you think? Would you watch this? Share it around and maybe we can start a petition (I am not serious but I would seriously love this show).
So here is my little midweek rant, hope you liked the surprise.
Enjoy the rest of your week!
- K 


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