Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne

Good afternoon everyone. I hope you are all having a good day. This week I read this book, which is a post-apocalyptic (sort of) survival story.
To be honest the second book in the series was on sale at my book store for $1.25 and it reminded me how much I wanted to read this book a long time ago. So seeing as I had already bought the second book I had to read the first one.
First opinions; I love me a good survival story, especially when it involves plague. And although this book is probably in the younger genre it was still a good read. It is always good when the author understands survival and is able to communicate how teenagers learn to do it.
But let me tell you a bit about the story:

One day on the way to school a massive hail storm struck sending two buses filled with children seeking shelter in a department store. When the only adult in their group leaves to find help the children become locked in the store with no way to get out.
At first they are confused when they hear that the hail, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, and tsunamis have destroyed most of the USA. Then they hear that there is a gas leak at a government facility nearby.
When they hear that they go outside to try to make their store safe against the coming gas but instead are caught up in it. At first they aren't sure what is happening. One of them becomes incredibly violent. Another develops blisters all over their body. Another becomes paranoid beyond being helped. And some people aren't affected at all.
They soon find out that the gas affects people by blood type. Now shut inside the store without being able to leave they are surviving on the food they have on the shelves.
But they are luckier than most. They have years worth of food and a generator to keep it all cold.They have ovens from the kitchen to make food and are sealed off from the dangers outside. But nothing is perfect. Everyone would be happier knowing what happened to their parents and loved ones.
Life inside the store is about to get harder for the teens and the children, though. The outside can't remain that way forever. And the group in the store may not be ready for what the world has become.

The overall story was pretty good. There were lots of characters that kept the story interesting. The author knew what she was writing about which also made the story more realistic. It was easier to get into the story since the author did her research.
Story: A
Characters: B
Pace: B-
Setting: B
Ending: B+
Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Have a great day everyone and happy reading!
- K


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