BOOK GIVEAWAY!!! (Open to US and Canada only)

Oh my goodness everyone, it is finally happening! For the first time I am hosting a book giveaway on my blog! But because this is the first time and I am short on money at the moment I am only opening it to US and Canada entries. Sorry about that. If I get a really good turn out for the giveaway I might consider opening it up to other countries.
I will be giving away ONE copy of The First Days by Rhiannon Frater. Because it is my copy it isn't in PERFECT condition but it is in pretty good condition. I always take care of my books.
The Link to my review on this book is here:
Please read the rules before you enter this contest! THIS IS IMPORTANT!

No purchase or payment required.
The odds of being selected as a winner depend on the number of entries received.
To enter this contest you must be 18 years of age or older or the age of majority in your country.
You must be a resident of The United States or Canada.

The contest will run until April 6 2016 in which I will randomly choose a winner through a randomizing website and the winner will be notified by email with details.

TO ENTER: To enter this contest you do not need to be following my blog (but it would be nice). All you have to do is COMMENT on this post specifically. You must comment your name and email and that is it. I can not stress this enough, DO NOT post your address, age, or anything that may put you at risk. Just your name and email so I hace a way to contact you if you win will do.

You don't have to share the post to gain entry but once again it would be nice if you could help get the word around. After all, the more people that enter the contest the more likely it is that I will hold another contest in the future. So please help me get the word out.

That's all for now everyone so enter the contest if you are interested and I will see you all next week. Good luck and happy reading!

- K


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