Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Hey everyone. I hope you are having a good Monday. This week I read a book that has been on my reading list for over a year. I had heard from many people over the year that this was a book that was worth reading. And I have to say, they were right.
I will say, after reading it, that the first little bit was boring. A few times I found myself questioning what was really interesting in the read. But as I went on I realized that even though nothing huge was going on the story itself was still interesting.
Many of you may know that I love a good apocalypse story. This was an end of the world story that doesn't involve zombies, viruses, or anything unnatural. It was just the survival story of a family in a very bad situation.
But let me tell you a bit about it:

Everyone in town is talking about the asteroid that is going to hit the moon. Miranda has been listening to it for weeks. No one thinks anything of it because scientists don't seem to be worrying at all. On the night it is set to happen everyone crowds outside to watch it happen with eager eyes. What happens next no one could have predicted.
The moon is hit with devastating force pushing it much closer to the earth. People begin to panic but at first nothing seems to be wrong. Everyone goes to bed that night feeling a little on edge and defensive.
The next day everyone goes to school as though nothing happened. But a few things have changed and Maranda knows it. There is no cellphone service and much of the electricity is out to most of the town. A killer storm rolls through forcing all of the students into the hallway where they start to wonder what has happened to their world.
Miranda goes home with her mother and brothers where they buy as much food as they can fit in their closet. Their mom assures them that things aren't going to change but Miranda knows she is lying. Soon it becomes impossible to go into town because there is no more gas. All around the world volcanos are erupting, causing the sky to become dark. Tsunamis destroy most of the coast killing many. Earthquakes rock the country killing even more.
Follow Miranda and her family throughout the first year of the new world where they will work to survive all of the different situations they are put in. The world is falling to pieces but in a small house in the countryside Miranda and her family try to hold things together. Stick with them to see how they survive their new lives.

All in all I enjoyed this book. It says that it is meant for younger audience and is in fact part of a 'book club' pick but I would recommend this book for all ages. It was a quick read and is a small inexpensive book from my point of view. The author takes the style of diary entries to complete the story which gives a first hand view at how the family is effected.
Plot: A-
Setting: B+
Characters: B
Pace: A-
Ending: A
Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Have a great day everyone and happy reading!
- K


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