Heroes or Thieves by J. J. Sherwood

Hey everyone, sorry I missed you last week. Even this week I have very little energy. Between exams and the incredibly cold weather we're getting I've been taking long naps during the day when I should be getting work done. Christmas is coming and I am 100% looking forward to spending some time with my family.
Book wise I have been trying to get caught up on the books that lovely authors have been nice enough to send me. You might remember that a few months ago I did a review for the first book in this series Kings or Pawns. Around that time the author sent me the second book, which I have been trying to find time to read ever since.
Somehow I managed to finish this before the new year. And to be honest I'm truly glad I have. With books like this it's important to read it while I still have the characters and story fresh in my mind. Thankfully the author was nice to leave a reminder of what happened in the previous book at the beginning.
So let me tell you a bit about it:

All our favourite and most hated characters are back in the second instalment of the Steps of Powers series. Since the death of the King the evil Saebellus has taken the throne with his new wife, the King's previous and deadly wife. Forced back to the castle Alvena, the mute maid, is forced to do anything she can just to survive.
Out in the wilderness the mighty general Jikun and his men work to fix past mistakes by making a deal with the devil. He will face many dangerous enemies but will the mighty general finally meet his match?
All forces that have been working against our heroes will come to a head in this book. Who will come out alive? Who will come out changed? Only one way to find out.

Sorry that the description isn't the best in the world. Because it's the second book in the series I want to be as careful as possible not to give too much away. If you enjoyed the first book you will love this one, and that's all I can say on the description.
The author does a fantastic job at developing the characters that were introduced in the first book. Their writing is strong and assertive. It's obvious that they learned from writing the first book and have built on their skills as an author.
Plot: A
Setting: A-
Characters: A
Story: B+
Ending: B+
Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.
Have a great day everyone and happy reading!
- K


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