Need by Carrie Jones

Hey everyone, sorry that I have been missing for the past couple weeks but with the holidays here I am back again! Today is Monday and I will be continuing to upload my reviews every Monday leading into the New Year and so on.
So I read Need a while ago and I believe I even did a review for one of the later books in the series, which I regret because looking back on it I shouldn't have been posting any reviews for books that are not the first in a series. It isn't fair to those who haven't read the first books and it might give away spoilers. So I thought I would go back and do the review to this one, because it was truly a good series.

Meet Zara, who has been sent to live with her grandmother after her father dies of a heart attack. Living with her tends to be a struggle because she has to transition from the sunny beaches of her home town to the always snowy small town where there are not many people living.
There she meets Nick, a boy with strange secrets, Izzie and Devyn, who also are hiding some secrets. Not only that, her grandma is hiding something as well, and she hears her name called constantly from the forest. And who the hell is leaving all that freakin' gold glitter all over the place?
Zara learns the horrible truth while living with her new family, and must come to terms to the fact that her father, might not have been her true father after all. And that she might just be the princess daughter of a Pixie, a species that is threatening the towns people and the reason her stepfather died.
Follow Zara and her new friends and they fight to figure out what is really going on in their town, find out who Zara really is, and protect the towns people from the attacks that only a select few understand. 

For all those who love a good romance, this is a good series to read, especially if you love supernatural elements with a faerie or Pixie theme. The best of the romance starts in the second book and so on, but the first one is a great introduction to the series in my opinion.
The author is really great and has a unique look on things, so I would recommend this book highly with my STAMP OF APPROVAL!!!!!! Ya, I went there.
The character Zara is the only one I really have some trouble with, because she is so giddy and stereotypical teenager like, if that makes sense, but she is funny and there are a lot of references to things outside the book that a lot of geeks can relate to.
So I gave this book a 4 out of 5 star rating. Have a nice day and see you all next week!


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