Breath in the Dark by Jane Hersey

Hey everyone, this week I read Breath in the dark. This was yet another book sent to me by the lovely author and for review on, and it was an adventure from start to finish. I think I cried a lot while reading this book, not because it hit close to home, but because it was truly a sad story, and was so well written that at times it brought me to tears.

The story follows a little six year old girl as she struggles through poverty to care for her sick mother. She wears the same dress every day, does not know how to use the bathroom, and walks for miles every day to beg the doctor for the pills that keep her mother alive. Time and time again her mother is admitted to the Hospital to be cared for, and the little girl is taken to homes where they try to discipline her to no avail. But in the end, all she wants is to be by her mothers side to make sure she is always ok.
She is allowed to go back to take care of her mother, but life never gets any easier for this little six year old girl with a fear of her home burning down while they sleep. And though there are always kind souls to look after them, and those who will give up money and food to help them, life is always a struggle for the young girl.
This book is her story, her adventure, and her life. There are ups and downs that will leave you crying, but it all leads up to her story.

The book was very well written, and the story was well planned out. The story was so realistic, and the author clearly did her research while she was writing to get all of the parts the way they should be to make it better. I loved reading it, and I am very thankful to the author for sending me such a nice book.
Thanks again everyone, and I will see you again next week!
- K


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