The Night World Series

Hey everyone, another series for you today. This was one of the first series I read when I was getting into reading, and it is by my favourite author L. J. Smith, so it had everything I needed in a book. There are three large books like this, and each book has three different stories in them. Each story has new characters, but often characters will run into other stories, which is nice because it shows where they go after their own stories are over.

The 'Night World' is a world hidden within our society. It is made up of a few groups of paranormal creatures; Vampires, Witches, Werewolves, and Shifters. Each of these have their own classes, and they have the choice of joining two circles, one of 'generally good' and one of 'generally bad', but either way the rules stand that humans never learn of their existence, and they remain a secret. 
But there is another circle, Circle Daybreak, that believes in letting humans know about the existence of the Night World.
There is something called a 'soulmate' in this world, when you find the person you are meant to be with, and there is lightning, love, and all that. But what happens when your soulmate ends up being human, and you are forbidden from being with them? These stories are about what happens when the rules need to be broken for love.
As the stories go on they begin leading towards the end of the world, when four chosen nigthworlders will have to gang up to stop the end from coming. Not everyone of the chosen are ready to stand up and fight, and it is up to their soulmates to convince them to fight.
The final book has yet to be released, but we are hopeful that it will happen soon.

Not all of these stories were great to me, but there were some of them that I really loved and read over and over again. In every case you are seeing it from the eyes of a woman, but wach woman is given different characteristics, and they are always a little out there. But it is nice to see the stories of different people with different stories to tell. Because of the way it is written you get to see all sides of the Night World and how the human world is ignoring it and why, it really makes you think about things.
If you get the chance, give the series a go. It might get off to a slow start, depending on what kind of books you are into, but as you go along you are sure to find something you like. Ms. Smith always does a great job with her books, and I encourage you to give most of them a try if you are given the chance.
Sorry that I don't have a new books to review for you guys this week, and I don't know when I will get the chance to pick one up, but I am hoping in the next week or two to be able to start reading again.
Have a nice week and I will see you all next Monday.
- K


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