The Infernal Devices Trilogy

Hey everyone, so this week I will be doing a review on another series, instead of a single book. You might be seeing a lot of these in the next little while depending on how things go, because some people don't want to get into a series and realize they don't want to keep reading, and therefore the book is kind of ruined. This doesn't happen to everybody, but anyone who reads as much as I do would run into it once or twice.
So this week I thought I would do the run off of a classic 'Clockwork Angel', the prequel to the Mortal Instruments novels that have recently become a popular movie series as well. Now, I don't personally think you need to read the first novels to understand what is happening in this one, but it certainly makes it easier to understand, and there are a lot more 'AHA!' moments if you do.

Meet Tessa, who is moving to England to find her brother who disappeared recently and has sent her a letter instructing her to come to meet him. Excited at the thought about seeing him again she rushes over seas to meet him.
Only, when she arrives there she doesn't find her brother waiting for her. Instead, two evil sisters kidnap her and hold her captive in wait of her new 'fiance' who she is going to be forced to marry when he has the time to come and get her.
This sucks, and along with that, Tessa has to be trained to use her 'ability' to change into something based on touching an item that belonged to that person, which she didn't even know that she had until the moment they dragged her into the house. Thankfully though, two handsome men break in and break her out, taking her back to their 'hideout' if you will, where they intend to take care of her while she searches for her brother.
But things are never easy living with the Shadow Hunters, but if you want to know more, you will have to read the series.

It truly was a great series, and I loved every moment of it. I loved the first series, and I love this one as well. I would certainly recommend giving it a go, as it is rising in popularity as the first series becomes movies (and I hear they might be making this into a movie as well). Super excited! So give it a try if you get the chance, and I will talk to you all next week.
- K
P.S: Sorry this came a day late. I was busy last night and didn't get the chance to finish it.


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