The House of Night (Whole Series) by P.C Cast

Hello again everyone! Many years ago I started reading Marked, the first book in the house of night series because an old friend of mine asked me to check it out for her. I already knew everything that was going to happen in the book before I was starting it, but I still went for it non-the-less. This review is not only for the first book, even though that is all I am going to give the description for to avoid massive spoilers, but the entire series that I had read before giving up. 

Meet Zoe who has just been marked. If you are wondering what it mean to be 'marked' it is when you are chosen to become a vampire and a crescent moon appears on your forehead meaning you have to go study at the Tesla House of Night until you either become a full vampire or you die. It's pretty straight forward.
But Zoe is different than the others because her moon is filled in, which shouldn't happen until you become a full vampire. This is her story of trying to adjust to vampire life, deal with the threats that come her way, and make friends that, like her, are not all that they seem to be.
Throw in a hot guy, a hot ex boyfriend, a crazy popular girl out for her destruction, and a crazy religious mother and you have the perfect combination for disaster.

There are a lot of books to this series, and I do mean A LOT, and they are still publishing more. I chose to stop reading after the fifth book because I am not a fan of long book series. Mainly because by time they continue on they have gone so far away from the original plot idea that it becomes ridiculous, which is precisely how I feel about this book series.
Sure, the first couple books were okay. And they made things interesting as it went on. But the more you read the more you realize it is the same old thing. The main character becomes so supercharged, always adding new powers and new responsibilities, that it becomes very unbelievable, and I feel they are just trying to make this girl into something impossible even by book standards.
I still gave the books I read at least a 3 out of 5 star rating, because some of them didn't suck as much as the others in my opinion. I think you should give them a try, because they are very popular and everyone has their own opinion, but they are not for me.
Have a nice week all!
- K


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