Days with the Undead by Julianne Snow

Hey everyone, another week gone by and another story read. This one is a Zombie story, yay right? I had picked it up from an author I had met at FanExpo in a town not far from where I live. We quickly become acquaintances, and I agreed to read the book to give her an honest review. Well, Julianne, this is my review!
The book was a great new take on Zombies, which is hard to believe because I have read sooooo many zombie stories that I can't think of any new takes on it. But you managed to capture my attention, and I loved how the different stories of people were incorporated into the book without interrupting the way the story was told.

The story is told in a blog style, where the narrator is posting online her story day by day from the beginning and telling people what she is experiencing. She is accompanied by her friends, Barbara, Max, Ben, and Bob, with whom she has met over the years and who have all been preparing for this day and who all had first hand experience with the zombies.
The group is trying to outrun the centre of the outbreak which had started in their home city of Toronto, Canada. Along the way they will have to stick together and turn away other survivors if they hope to survive. And without a real plan, they begin heading away from the Undead that are following them in hopes that they will be able to find a safe place to wait for the military to deal with the situation.
But as things begin to get worse and they realize that the military can't do much to help anyone, they have to come up with another plan to get to safety. With each of them being trained in a helpful task they are able to get further than most survivors.
Barbara: An Environmental Scientist knows which herbs and berries can be eaten on the road, and which wood from tress can become the most effective hand-to-hand weapons when needed on the run.
Ben: A trained Doctor and an expert in reading Maps, he was present at the Hospital when Patient Zero turned and began hunting down it's next victim. After escaping he took to the road with his friends.
Max: A trained marksman in the Canadian Military, a sniper, who had to make some very hard decisions when he went with his friends to run from the vastly infected city behind him.
Bob: Also from the Canadian Military, his is a veteran and has worked for the Canadian Intelligence for years before heading out of town with his old Military friend Max and the rest of his friends.
Julie: Our narrator and a Forensic Pathologist, she had seen first hand what the dead could do when they were brought restrained to her office, and was well aware the dangers when she took off onto the road with her friends from the madness in the fleeting city.

I loved the way the story was told, as I have seen Journal format, and I have seen News Report format, but I have never seen anyone do the blog route. I liked the story, I liked the narrator, and though at times I have trouble believing that she could still get internet access to post her entries, I loved the way it was done.
Anyone who likes Zombie books would be good to get into something like this! It is realistic in every sense, and it was clear that proper research was done so that the story flowed better and there were no unanswered questions.
I would give this one a 4 out of 5 stars, and would recommend any horror/Zombie story fans to check it out!
See you all next Monday!
- K


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