K's Classics According to TheGreatestBooks.org

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend ahead. So I started reading more classical books considering how badly I scored last time, and this time I am confident I can do better than one single book! 
So here we go!

1. Ulysses 

2. In Search of Lost Time

3. Don Quixote 

4. Moby Dick <-- Yes! I just read this one in the last week or so, and though it had a really, really, really, slow start, it was still worth reading. If nothing else, you can at least you can say you read it! 

5. The Great Gatsby <-- Okay, yes I finally read this one after reading Moby Dick. It was a bit odd, and it was nothing like what I was expecting. No, I didn't see the movie. I don't want to either. I generally try to avoid watching movies based off of books unless I a) have no intention to ever read them, or b) they are old enough that even if I read it, it won't matter because the movie just might be better than the writing style (compared to what we read today)

6. Lolita

7. 100 Years of Solitude

8. War and Peace

9. Madame Bovary

10. The Brothers of Karamazov 

So I got 2 out of 10 on this one, not great but still better than I got last time. (thank God I started reading other wise I would have looked like even more of a tool!) I got these books off of thegreatestbooks.org, and though it was out of 50 books, I only looked at the top ten.
Just for future reference, I don't look at the lists before I choose my site so that I am quite literally testing myself on the books. That is why I will only have high scores by chance. Some times I might not have any books at all, and that doesn't mean I am not reading them. I have many classics sitting on my shelf, but I also have to read other books that aren't classic, otherwise I will be going away from the 'teen' book concept I have been trying to keep.
You might notice in the future that a book I have recently marked as 'unread' will suddenly appear as 'read', but I won't change the other lists because they were for that time, one of these days I just might get a perfect 10 (although truthfully, I would just be happy to get half on a list). 
So that's all the news I have for this Friday. I hope you guys have a nice weekend and are being safe (this being Friday night and all), and I will see you all again on Monday!
- K 


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