The Prediction by Darren Sugrue

Hey everyone, look who's here? It's me! I'm back! And I actually read a book with all the spare time I now have! The Prediction was a book that the author was kind enough to send me to read, and I managed to find the time to get to it today. And I must say, and I must, that it was quite the read. From the moment I picked it up to the moment I put it down I was amazed at the writing style and choice in diction from the author. 
Now, as I always do, let me tell you a bit about what you are getting into when you pick up this book to read!

Daniel is a failed mathematician who is working as a crane operator when his old professor looks him up to tell him that his thesis needs to be looked at again. And what is this thesis about? Why, nothing more than a equation that can predict the date of death for the person it is applied to. He is approaching him because one of the people he predicted would die has died, and on the exact date it was predicted! Daniel isn't about to believe him after having his hopes crushed years ago, until he is told that the next person to die will be his ex-girlfriend, and she only has a few days to live.
Grace is a hard working woman who has made a few wrong choices in life. And she is about to make another. After choosing to go home with a handsome coworker for the night she realizes that she no longer wants to stay with her abusive husband, but will he let her go so easily? And now suddenly her ex-boyfriend from University is looking her up and telling her she is going to die, soon? Great...
Claire has been through a lot, after losing her only son at a young age only eight months earlier, she is slowly heading downhill. Every day she comes home and drowns her pain away in booze, all the while pulling away from her husband, who has tried to do everything he could to get to her. But will a run in with a man at a grocery store help turn her life back around and maybe save her marriage? It might be too late to find out...
John has been through hell and back trying to fix his wife after the death of their son. Now, he is willing to put everything on the line to bring back one of his former students to glory. But to do so, he wants his student to use the formula he developed to predict the date his wife is going to die, simply so he knows when she will be put out of her misery. But the answer he gets is not the answer he is looking for, and now he has to come with terms with an uncertain future while still stuck in a devastating past.
All of these stories intertwine to create an unbelievable chain of events that will leave you wanting more, and an ending that no one could have expected!

I thought, personally, that the idea was original, and an interesting concept to go with. The author kept you going and you honestly expected one thing to happen so much that when it dropped the bomb, you were left hanging, clinging to the pages for the next event. The writing style was good, and it was nice to read a unique voice that has just emerged in this world.
If you are into mystery, scientific, a bit of romance, and excitement, this is a book for you. Check Darren Sugrue out on for more information on this book, and see if you would like one for yourself.
This book I would rate at a 4 out of 5 star rating for its creativity and its ability to draw me in from the very first page!
Have a nice week everyone and I will hopefully see you next Monday!
- K


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