The Summoning by Kelly Armstrong

Hey everyone, look at that beautiful book cover right there. Isn't it nice? It's a good book too, that lead to a lot of awesome books to come after it, and an entire other series that connects with this one. I actually read this a couple of years ago before Kelly Armstrong became big. I liked it mostly because it held my attention from the first chapter and didn't waste any time getting right into the story.

Chloe wants to live a normal life, and so far she is achieving just that. That is, until she sees a ghost one day at her high school, and the ghost notices that she can see it and attacks her trying to get her to help. She freaks out and has to be restrained by her teachers, and then she is sent off to a school for troubled teens.
At first she doesn't realize why she is there, considering she freaked out one time and suddenly they are shipping her off to the looney bin. But the longer she spends there the more she notices that the kids there are like her. 
She begins seeing more and more spirits all begging for her help, but she does her best to ignore them and prove to everyone that she is a normal kid and should be let out as soon as possible. Too bad it doesn't work like that!
After a while Chloe realizes that she can do more than see ghost, in fact she can summon the dead. The first time is an accident, and she doesn't know how to put it back, and it causes a huge commotion in the school.
Will Chloe learn to use her abilities before the dead come back for her, or will the school holding them captive prove to be much more dangerous than the students who are living there? Check her out to find the answers!

The book was crazy right from the first chapter, and the smooth writing style held the attention right until the end. I couldn't help but go out and buy the rest of the books as soon as possible, although at that time the last two books still hadn't come out, and the next series that runs off this one still hadn't started writing yet. 
It was a long wait but in the end it all worked out. 
I gave the book and the series a 4 out of 5 star rating, and I would say go ahead and read them if you get the chance.
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