K's Classics According to Penguin

Hey everyone, and happy Friday! I know! What am I thinking? Posting on a Friday? Has the world gone mad? 
Nope, I'm starting something new. I read a lot, yes a lot, and I like to read some of the classics as well as the books for teens. Anyone who loves to read knows that sticking with one genre forever can get repetitive. And some times it is nice to see where books came from and what inspired some of the great writers of today. But of course, I couldn't have read them all, and some of them I don't care to read. But many websites will tell you different 'Classic' books based on what the readers are thinking. Some say Dracula, while others aim towards plays like Hamlet. So I decided to check out some websites and see what they say is the Top Ten Classic books, and then tell you which ones out of them I have read. At the end, I will tell you what I thought of the ones I read, and even rate myself on book reading skills, based on how many I myself have read. 
So here we go:

1. Of Mice and Men ---> I have read this book and it was actually pretty good. The story line wasn't bad (though the ending made me cry) and I thought it was good for something written a while back. (I know that isn't a great way of saying it, but it has been so long since I have read it, and I only remember liking it at the time, and crying at the end)

2. Jane Eyre

3. Pride and Prejudice

4. The Odyssey

5. Hamlet

6. Moby-Dick 

7. Metamorphosis 

8. Oedipus Rex

9. Walden

10.  Inferno

Okay, going to be honest, never even heard of some of those books. What kind of reader am I?! An honest one I suppose... Some of them look pretty interesting.... might have to give them a try...
Anyway, as you can see above I didn't score so well this time around. Next time I am going to have to find a site that has more of the classics I have read. Believe me people, I do read classics from time to time! Honest!
Alright, I scored a 1/10 (uhg...) 
Anyway, I'll try this again next Friday if I get a good result. Check out Penguin Publishers for more top ten's like this one, or just to mess around, I don't know what you like. (No judging here!)
Have a nice weekend y'all, and I'll see you on Monday!
- K


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