Happy Wednesday!

Good day everyone, I hope you are having a nice week. This will be just a quick Update for you all. I have been reading like crazy lately because I have found a great new section of books in the literature section at our local bookstore. I am very excited to keep checking off more books on my 2015 reading challenge. 
What I have checked off so far:
- A book set in another country: Jurassic Park (will do review) set in Costa Rica 
- A mystery or Thriller: Lost World (might so review...) 
- A book based entirely on it's cover: Good Omens (certainly doing a review)
- A book you started but never finished: Harry Potter (will not be updating review at the moment)

So that is 4/52 books completed. I am ahead of schedule! I hope you are all reading lots and working on this challenge. I would love to challenge one of you if you are willing to take me on! But if money is the issue with completing the challenge I completely understand. 
Don't forget that libraries, used book stores, friends, family, and charity events are a great way to get cheap or free books to read while supporting others.
Hope you all have a great week, and I will see you on Monday!
- K
Currently reading: The Silmarillion 


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