Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev

Hey everyone I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. This week we will be looking at Eyes like Stars which is a different sort of book than I am used to reading, but still good none the less. 
The whole book is set in a theatre and the main character loves acting and standing out from the crowd. There are great character interactions and the story is fun to read throughout the entirety of the book.
So let me tell you a bit about what it is about.

Bertie lives in the theatre and has lived there for almost all her life. But in this theatre things are a little different than in your average play house. Here every character from every play written into the large book on stage is real and lives within the walls of the theatre unable to leave. 
Although they can't leave they are happy to live out their days performing the plays that were written for them and living up to their expectations within the theatre. Bertie loves watching them and enjoys living in a place where all she has to do is call up a set and she can be anywhere in the world eating anything she likes.
And speaking of things she likes, there just might be a handsome pirate named Nate who she has had her sights on for the last little while. There is also a seductive air spirit named Ariel (is a guy) who might also want to get his hands on Bertie.
And now Bertie's life is about to come down around her when an announcement is made that she will be kicked out of the theatre soon. This comes as devastating news as Bertie doesn't know what to do with her life outside of the theatre.
She is given one chance to contribute to the play house or be kicked out and she sets to work trying to put on a play of her own.
But things are not so simple for young Bertie. Someone in the theatre wants out desperately and is willing to go to great lengths to escape. Even if it means tearing down the walls of the theatre and everything Bertie loved to do so.
To find out more about Bertie's wonderful adventures you will have to read the book for yourselves.

I really enjoyed this book because the characters were so perfectly played and they were people you would recognize from plays if you read them. The use of diction and character development is really good as well in a fun sense.
I really love the use of Ariel and Bertie, even though Nate wasn't a bad guy. I have to admit I read this book quite a few times over and read the second book even though the second book wasn't all that good.
The rating would stand at a FOUR out of FIVE star rating and a certain recommendation.
Have a nice day!
- K 
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