Happy Wednesday!

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are having a great week so far (half-way there, just hang on!) I have a sort of funny story to share with you all today before I do anything else.
So my friends and I usually go out for a 'girl's night' every Thursday evening, but since the new semester started our classes have made it hard to go out to an early dinner until about 8. Now let me explain why this is a bad thing.
Me and my two friends are very anti-social. We like to go out to a local sports bar on campus and get burgers and have a drink together before we come back to the dorm. So we normally go early so that we can avoid what they call here on Campus, 'thirsty Thursdays' which is basically when everyone goes to drink. And if there is a game on it gets pretty bad. But it is the best place to go and the other bar is too small for us to enjoy a quiet dinner.
So no we had to go later and when we got there they were already getting ready for the night shift. There was a guard at the door only letting a few people in. Because we were eating we got in easily. But once we sat down they informed us that they only served the 'late-night' menu at that time which had almost no food, and no food big enough to fill us up. Anyway, we got a bunch of small food and started eating.
As we were eating they slowly started taking the tables out of the room. After a few minutes we were the only table left in that room. People started coming in, dressed in skimpy clothes and taking pictures of themselves. 
At this point we were a bit confused, we hadn't been here this late before so we didn't know what was happening. Then all of the lights went out and people started cheering. Strobe lights shone on our table blinding us and people started dancing.
What we didn't know was that after 9 on a Thursday our quiet little sports bar literally turned into a club...
So there we are eating a nice meal, dressed nice and comfy, while slutty girls danced around us in the bright lights.
We paid for our food, took it to go, and decided that from now on Girl's night would be on Wednesdays. It was perhaps one of the most awkward situations I have been in for a long time. 

In other news, I have already started on my reading challenge, and I have found some great books to start reading! I hope that you are all working on your challenges, or resolutions in the new year. 
Also, I have noticed that there is no way to comment on the posts even though my settings are set to allow comments. I don't think anyone really wants to comment, but if you did for whatever reason, feel free to send me a message through my Gmail, or through hangouts (I don't know how to work it that well but I'm sure I could figure it out) and I would be happy to answer any questions or have a conversation with you if the timing is right.
I hope you all have a nice Wednesday and enjoy the rest of your week!
- K


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