Kissed by an Angel by Elizabeth Chandler

Hello everyone I hope you are having a good week. I thought this week I would do Kissed by an Angel, although I will not lie to you I really did not enjoy this book. This particular edition that I have the cover of is actually three books in one and for me it was two book too long to be enjoyable.
The story isn't one that you can be satisfied leaving off after the first book in the volume. You actually have to read the whole thing to even have a general idea of what is really going on. By time I got to the end I was just happy that the damn thing was over with.

Ivy is scared of water because she almost drown as a child. Tristan teachers her how to swim and soon they have a budding romance which quickly blossoms into true love. It's too bad Tristan just died in a car accident leaving Ivy heart broken and alone.
But what Ivy doesn't realize is that Tristan has come back as her guardian angel of sorts and has been looking over her for the last few months. And in that time Ivy has lost her faith in angels and the after life and has tried her best to move on with her life like her family has.
Her mother has remarried and now she has a new stepbrother who may or may not have some feelings for her. Tristan doesn't like this but there isn't really anything he can do about it because he is dead and can only watch as she starts to have feelings for her step brother. (what?)
So as you can probably guess things can't go perfectly forever as it becomes apparent to Tristan that Ivy's stepbrother might have some not-so-good plans for her in the future.
But what is he going to do to help her when all he can do is watch from a distance? If you want to know you have to find out for yourself because I am not going to spoil anything!

Like I said before this was not a book I liked very much. Not only was the main character depressing the entire book length she was also pretty dense. I mean, her brother could see Tristan and told her he was there but it still took her until almost the end of the last book to actually realize that he was there.
And three books is a long time to read to finally get to a point where it is worth understanding what is really going on.
So for those reasons I am going to give this book a TWO out of FIVE star rating, but I would still recommend reading it because it was more the story that I didn't like, not the writing style. This might be the perfect book for you for all I know.
Have a nice week everyone and I will see you later!
- K
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