The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Hey everyone, welcome back to another review. This week we will be looking at the Host, which has become a movie since I read the book even if I didn't see it, and we will see what the book is really like. I read this during my Twilight phase because it was by the same author and felt that it might be just as good. In fact at this point in time I might even say that it was better.
It was a large book and had a very long drawn out story line, but at the same time it was worth the whole time I spent reading it.
So even though it is a movie I realize that there are many people who haven't seen the movie or read the book so I thought I would fill everyone in on the other book that Stephenie Meyer has written besides the iconic Twilight.
Let me tell you a little about what this book is about.

In the future the human species has been taken over by what are known as the hosts. The hosts basically are little jelly things that have traveled all over the universe possessing different life forms and live in them until around the time when they die. When they die they are packed into little canisters and sent somewhere else to start again.
But despite all of this they are not a hostile people. In fact they are very peaceful among themselves and have solved almost all of humanities problems. The only problem they face is that not all of humanity has been wiped out by them.
There are small groups of humans who live in hiding in the desert who fight for their right to freedom. Melanie was one of those people before she was caught by the hosts after trying to commit suicide. Now she has one of the hosts known as Wanderer inside of her, but she isn't giving up the fight just yet.
Somehow through her strong will and determination she manages to fight for control, although all she manages is to speak to Wanderer through her mind. And somehow she even manages to convince Wanderer to take her to her family out in the desert.
Surprisingly they actually find them and Wanderer/Melanie has to try to convince them not to kill her. Eventually she starts living a normal life among them as Wanda and tries to fit in the best she can with her brother and Melanie's boyfriend.
But their world is not safe from the hosts who will hunt them to the end of the earth to maintain their dominance over the species. Wanda will have to make the hard decision of living among the humans in Melanie's body or giving up the secret to the hosts destruction to save her new family from extinction.

The book was generally well written and the characters for the most part weren't awful. And despite its long length there weren't really any times that I felt the story was just trying to add filler so that they could make it longer or whatever.
I would probably rate this book at a THREE out of FIVE stars because while it didn't suck it wasn't all that great or memorable for me.
So that is all I have for the review for this week and I hope you all have a great day.
- K
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