Cajun Nights by D. J. Donaldson

Hey there everyone! Happy Monday! Don't make that face... Anyway, this week I finally read the first book in the series that I have been posting so many of. What do you mean about time? I am a busy person!
Anyone the publisher was nice enough to send me the first book in the series which finally clears up a few things for me. I have really been enjoying working with this publisher and reading these great books. And now that I know what is going on in the series, it is about time you found out what was going on too, right?

Kit Franklin has just been hired to work for Broussard, which we know she does well at down the road. But we don't start with her story. In fact, we start the story a little while in the past when people could be hung for their crimes.
And of course since people can be hung, we will start the scene with a good old fashioned hanging! A young man and his servant, accused of a crime are sentenced to death. But before he dies the young man puts a curse on the town, telling them that they must fear their songs of childhood!
In the future now, still not a Kit, a man who has a happy family commits suicide and kills his entire family. Now Kit is called in to investigate, calling her away from her boyfriend David, who would love nothing more than for their relationship to be taken to the next level.
As Kit's first, sort of, day on the job she is surprised to be called in to investigate such a brutal murder/suicide. At first they think it is just a sad fluke, but not long after, another murder/suicide is committed, and then another.
Suddenly Kit is on the run trying to figure out what is causing these men and woman to go mad, humming the songs from their childhood as they murder those around them before killing themselves. And as always, she has her own problems to deal with as well.
She is a target, as is Broussard, and they almost succeed too. 
Is this something that can be explained by simple science? Or is there really a curse that is causing people to kill themselves and those around them? 

I liked this book because it finally gave me the insight I felt I was missing while reading the other books. As always Mr. Donaldson did a fantastic job at laying out this world. Of course he gets better as the works go along, but I like to be able to see where things started.
Give the books a read, I will leave the links to them below if you would like to check them out. I will also put a picture of the author there for you so that you can get a better feel for who they are. I probably won't do this often, but because I am taking on the whole series at the moment for these reviews I feel it necessary for you to get a better feel for who this man is. Knowing more about the author sometimes makes reading a lot more fun.
And here are the links for you ladies and gents!
Barnes & Noble:
Astor + Blue:
Have a great week guys!
- K


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