Happy April Fools Day!

Good day everyone, I hope everyone is having a nice week. Here in Canada the weather is starting to get a little warmer, which is nice. There is still snow but it is warm enough now that it is starting to melt. Can you say, 'flash flooding?'
Anyway, today is the first of April which means Aprils fools day. For those of you who don't know what April fools day is, it is essentially a day to play pranks on each other for the hell of it. Personally I don't participate, because I am too busy to try to come up with anything that isn't entirely hurtful. But many people across the country will be pranking until the end of the day. Awesome.
Lately, along with reading I have started taking up a new hobby: learning a new language. I have decided to attempt to learn German, because French just hasn't been working for me for the last little while. I think it is important to learn another language just for the fun of it if for nothing else.
That really is all I have to say for today, other than to take advantage of the warm weather and walk to your nearest book store for some spring readings. 
Have a great Wednesday and I will see you all on Monday!
- K


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