When Buying a Book

Hey everyone. Lately I have been getting a lot of books to read and my shelf is really piling up. But as many people who buy books a lot know there are a lot of decisions to be made when you are choosing to buy a book.

1. The price: Books are getting more and more expensive and the ones with high ratings are often rated higher. If you are going to the store with no certain book in mind sometimes the choice between new book at $20 (as an example) should take back seat to a $10 book you can get in the discount section. When thinking like this you are saying that you are going to save your money this time, while still buying a book, and wait until that expensive book comes down in price. This in many cases is the best way to go because you will still have a book to read.
2. What condition you want the book: Sometimes when you go to the store you already know exactly what book you want. Maybe this is a new book that you have been waiting to come out fora while now. But when the price of a new hardcover is more than you were expecting to spend it comes down to the choice of getting the book now to read it, or waiting until the paperback version is released in a few months. Relating back to the first section sometimes the price is just too much to get the book right away.
3. Not in stock: Maybe you know what book you wanted to get but it isn't in stock when you get to the store. At this point you can either give up or browse for a while and try to find another book. Many times it is best just to leave and come back later or to try another store rather than spending your money on a book you weren't originally looking for.
4. Browsing: So you went to the store with no plan. It happens way more than you think. Now you know you may want a book but you have to be careful not to start leaping into series with no preparation. Unless you were planning on buying a whole lot of books it is best to spend a little extra time picking one special book out. Don't get carried away when you have no plan or you will spend more than you thought you were going to.

Buying a book can be fun when you do it right but if you are going to buy many books over a short period of time you need to know how to price it, when to get it, and when to walk away until another time. Surprisingly budget plays an important role in all types of shopping, even when it comes to our books.
Have a great week everyone and I will see you on Monday!
- K


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