Buying Books as a Gift

Morning everyone. I hope you are having a great week as always. Lately, with many Birthday's, celebrations and Holidays going by I thought that, as a book lover, buying a book for someone would be a great gift. I soon found out of course that it wasn't as easy as I thought. 
There are many factors you must take into account if you are planning on buying a book for someone:

1. Do they read?: Of course everyone reads from time to time but if they aren't heavy readers they might not like getting a book for a gift because it will sit around for a long time. In this case it might be best to get them something else instead.
2. How well do you know them?: Picking a book out for yourself is easy. You already know what you like. But no matter how well you know someone it is hard to exactly what they might be looking for. If you don't know them well (say they are just an acquaintance) ask them what types of books they read and pick out a book that they are not likely to have. In this case go relatively new so that they have a lesser chance of owning it already.
3. Do they already have it?: If you know someone well then you might get a chance to look at their bookshelf. If planning for a gift make note of what they already have and don't have a buy books based on what they have on their shelf.
NOTE: If there are a variety of books be careful. This might mean that they don't exactly like one type of book and that picking one in that section might be a waste. Tread carefully in the book giving waters!

One great way to gift a book when you are unsure whether or not they will like it is to simply buy them your favourite book. By doing this you are telling them that they are close enough to you that you are recommending a book you really like for them to read.
Gift cards are another option but they seem less personal for people who like books. Sure they can go and buy their own books that they want (and this is best for picky people) but it takes out the 'gift' part of it. 
Keep all of this in mind if you are going to give a book as a gift. And never gift an old book unless it is very special. Gifting old books says that you are just getting rid of something you don't need instead of actually buying them a gift.
So have a great week everyone and I will see you again on Monday!
- K


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