What to do with old books

Hello everyone. This week I decided to get this stupid little app called Pinterest. Don't mock me, I spend more time messing around with books than I do with websites but it was recommended to me so I thought I would give it a go. One thing I found, which horrified me, was that people have many pages on what to do with 'old books'.
At first this intrigued me because I thought there might be possibility. But then I saw what people we doing! They were cutting up books that were perfectly usable to make flowers out of just because they didn't want to read them anymore! Holy crap people, do not do this.
There is no acceptable time to rip up, burn, tear, or craft a book no matter what state it is in. When a book is so worn out that it becomes almost unreadable it is the owners job to fix it up or to give it to someone else who is up to the job. Books are an important resource in todays time that we can't afford to lose. I know that sounds stupid but it is true.
The older a book is the more important it becomes. It holds memories of past readings along with the knowledge that all books hold.
If you are in fact looking for something to do with your old books let me give you a few ideas:
1. Donate the books: There are plenty of places (Libraries, schools, hospitals, ect.) who are always looking to add to their collections. No matter how bad a shape the book is in -to an extent of course- there is always someone who could still read it. Why would you destroy something that someone could be looking for?
2. Lend the book to a friend/family member: If you kept that book around long enough that it is worn out then there is a good chance you really liked it. So why would you not recommend it to a friend or give it as a gift to your family members to say that you care? 
There are a ton of different ways you can deal with old books that you don't want anymore. As someone who loves books it seems a shame to me that people are tearing them up to make flowers and other useless art. Maybe you don't feel the same way as me but still consider your options before you decide to destroy a perfectly good book.
Have great week everyone and I will see you Monday!
- K


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