Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

Hello again everyone! Today I finally finished Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. To be completely honest about this book, my expectations might have been a bit too high going into this.
It was good, with a good story line, but the characters.... I just couldn't get into them. Not even the love interest Demitri.

You start off the story by meeting Rose, the main character, and Lissa. They are running from these people, not saying who, who want to bring them back to the Vampire Academy. Of course, they get caught and are brought back.
There we learn that Rose is Lissa's guardian and that Lissa is a princess and a very powerful vampire. 
After that things basically go back to, what they say, things were before they ran away. Rose is portrayed as quite the slutty character by the author. She states many times that Rose makes out with boys she barely knows over and over again.
You are introduced to the bad guys, the strigio, and some potential bitch characters like Mia, who will do anything to bring down the duo.
If I get into any more detail I might ruin the book for you so I'll leave it up to you to read.

Now this is not a series I would want to continue to read. The characters are not loveable like my friend told me they were and that really disappointed me. I still very much intend to read Bloodlines by the same author, but my expectations are set very low.
Sure, I would recommend reading this book because even though I didn't like it, it is still well rated by other reader. My style right now is very specific. Or maybe it's just that I'm so sick I can't even think straight.
Either way, I believe it would be worth it to give the series a try :)

This I would rate THREE out of FIVE stars because of the characters in my mine. Hope you all enjoy :)


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