K's Classics According to ModernLibrary (Readers List)

Alright everyone, I am back again with Part Two to the ModernLibrary.com list of Top Ten Classic books. This time it is according to the readers, not the board. I did take a look at the books, mainly to make sure that they weren't exactly the same as the Board list, because that would just be stupid.
Thankfully there is quite a difference so I have no problem using the list for this entry. Without further a due, here are your books!

1. Atlas Shrugged
2. The Fountain Head
3. Battlefield Earth
4. The Lord of the Rings !!!
5. To Kill a Mockingbird !!!
6. 1984
7. Anthem
8. We the Living
9. Mission Earth
10. Fear

So I did better than the previous list by one, which is still pretty good for me. From now on I will be marking the books I have read with !!! just because writing a long description of the book seems like a waste of time. 
My Classics is not to tell you which ones you should read, only to point out what different websites classify as 'Classic' and then identify which ones I have read, mainly for my own benefit. I find as a lover of literature I need to read the classics, even if I only really enjoy Teen Books. It is a part of our history and I would recommend to anyone taking a look at the books that have been listed on these websites for your own benefit.
So that's all I have to say for today and I will see you all again on Monday (I hope).
Enjoy you weekend and be safe!
- K


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