Blood of Thieves by Michael J. Sullivan

Hello again everyone, back with another review. Hope you all had a great weekend and are looking forward to a great week (I know, it's Monday, hang in there). So a while ago I received this book from the author, who was very kind in doing so. I found out that it was actually the prequel of another book series, so I was happy that I would be able to read it before reading the next books. I find prequels give me a better understanding of the book series to come.

We start our story through the eyes of Hadrian, a traveler with mysterious reasons who has just arrived in the city and is in need to move towards the university. After a scuffle with the local authorities he is on his way on a private barge with a small group of individuals. 
He has heard that there had been a murder in the town he has left and everyone on the ship believes it to be a hooded man who travels with them and does not speak to anybody. Hadrian is reluctant to kill this man based on speculation, but the others are dead set in their ways.
But after the entire boat is found dead and the cloaked man missing, he decides that the man deserves to die. As he continues his quest to get to his university, he determines that he will hunt down the man once he has completed his task, no matter what it takes.
Gwen is a whore, living with her abusive master. After a customer kills one of the other girls in the home Gwen decides it is time for them to leave. After raiding the stash of money she had received before her mothers death she takes the girls to an abandoned inn to set up their own business while awaiting the fulfillment of a prophecy Gwen had received as a child.
Both of these people have a connection in their lives, but neither know it yet. What is it that will tie these two stories together? I guess you will have to read it to find out...

Over all, I thought it was a pretty good read. I haven't read the first book in the series but I'm glad that I was able to read the prequel. It will make more sense now when I actually do read the book series.
I liked the way it was written, because you could certainly tell the difference between Hadrian and Gwen, one being female and one being male. That is something not a lot of authors can do well. The only complaint I have is that Gwen seemed a little too rebellion for a girl in her situation and never learned when to stop talking. But other than that I have no complaints. I liked the book and I am very thankful to the author for sending me a copy.
I find that prequels are great kinds of books that people should read either after they finish the book series, or right before they start. I personally think reading it after reading the book series is best, but this time I did it because it was what I had on me and I don't regret it.
I would give this book a THREE out of FIVE star rating.
So that is all I have for today, and I will see you all on Friday for another K's Classics. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!
- K


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