Another day in the life of K: Monday

So I have decided to start something a little new to go along with this book blog. You all know a little about me through what you have read in my posts. You know I like to read and write by there is a lot that you don't know that goes beyond what you see on the blog. This segment will show you what an average day looks like in my life. Maybe you don't care and maybe you do, but this is happening so if you don't want to know just keep scrolling. I am hoping to post one of these every Wednesday until I run out of days. So here we go!

I wake up around 730 before my alarm to turn it off. My roommate is already in the shower or just getting in the shower so I normally grab my phone and go on 9gag to pass the time.
When I hear the water shut off I get out of bed to get dressed. My stuffed bat Midnight might get lonely but I have to get food!
Once my roommate is done getting ready we both head down for breakfast in the cafeteria.
She gets oatmeal and yogurt and I yet eggs and hash browns and we eat in silence until we agree that it is time to go.
After getting back to the room we both brush our teeth, pack our bags and head to our morning class.
Around 1030 I finish class and I head back to the room alone to update the blog before my tutorial starts an hour later.
After tutorial I wait for my roommate to get back from her German class and we go to lunch.
When we finish lunch we go back to the room to do our homework. This basically takes up all the time of our day until 530 when I head off to my last class.
That class goes on forever, finally ending around 9 when I head back without dinner to do some reading.
I read whatever is next on my shelf until my roommate decides to go to sleep (she has another early class do we normally turn the lights out around 1030)
Then with the lights out I put my book away and change into my PJs for bed.
It normally takes me a while to fall asleep but I spend most the time thinking about my homework.

So I know it isn't the most interesting life but that is my Monday. I am not very social nor is my roommate so we go to bed early every night with a bit of reading to sooth our tired minds.
Next week around this time I will tell you what my Tuesday is like. Once again it isn't terribly interesting but it is my life. Now you know more about me.
Hope you all have a good week!

- K


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