An Average Day in the Life of K: Tuesday

I wake up around 8 when my roommate goes out to dinner. My phone is right beside my head so I read until I am ready to get up. After going to the bathroom I come back to my desk and do some work on my computer. Sometime around 9 I eat and get ready to go to my first class of the day.
After my first class I have another class directly after that. Once that is done I meet my roommate back in the dorm and we both head out to lunch. Not long after I get back I have to pack up my bags for my third class of the day. Tuesdays are my busiest days of the week because I have so many classes.
Once class is over I come back and do some work on the computer until around 5:50, and then it is off to my last class of the day. That class isn't very long, only an hour, so I come back and meet some people on our floor for dinner.
Today there is no reason to go to bed early because I have Wednesdays off from class so I can sleep in. My roommate and I often stay out late in the TV lounge with a few other students on our floor and talk until around 10:30 when we both get pretty tired and head back to the room. Normally I would just go to bed but lately I have been reading a chapter of one of my books before playing a game on my phone.
Then I take off my hat, which I wear one every day to keep my hair in place, and place my phone inside the hat on the bed beside me. That way if I roll over in my sleep I won't feel the hard plastic in my side. Makes less noise in the morning as well.

Okay, next week I will tell you what happens on a Wednesday. It isn't all that exciting for the most part but at least I don't have any classes to go to. That is a bonus for me.
See you on Friday and have a nice week!
- K


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