Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Look, new font colour! Don't worry it isn't to stay, it is just for the holiday. I won't be doing the K's Classics today to celebrate, and because I am handing out candy tonight. Aren't we lucky that Halloween landed on a Friday this week? That gives me a reason to do another post without having to go out of my way and bug you all with my postings! I hope everyone is wearing great costumes this year, and if you are too old for Halloween (yeah right) or don't celebrate (I respect that) I hope you are using the time to read all of the great horror novels that come out at this time of year. I usually try to get a few novels like that, but I get kind of scared by them, so I guess they are lost on me. You all must be so disappointed in me. So that is all I have to say for tonight, and I wish you all a Happy Halloween! 
Enjoy your Ooky Spooky Reading session if you choose to go down that route, and say goodbye to all of the pumpkin goodies and get ready to welcome in the Peppermint!
- K


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