Build the Strength Within by Dr. Deborah Carlin

So this week I am trying something a little different than usual... I was sent a copy of this book by the author and being a growing woman I decided I should read it and see if it could actually help me. To my surprise the book actually impressed me with how in depth and personal it could get. Not only does it look into all of the different ways you can effect your own happiness but it dives deeper into what it means to be happy for you and how you can achieve it using the means in your own life.

She starts out simple, explaining who she is and how she went about finding the different means of finding inner happiness and strength. The book is one that is meant to be kept and not lent out to others as it is meant to be personal to you and you alone. 
Many pages have spaces where you can input your own answers to the questions she asks you to think about. Even if you are to skip over these parts because you have nothing to write them in she invites you to do exercises as simple as having a bath and relaxing to make yourself a little happier.
There are many thought provoking questions that, even if you only read them, cause you to really stop and think about them later. I found these helpful in dealing with some stressful situation in my days.
With so many different ways of looking changing yourself for the better, even though it never says that you need to chance, it is impossible that you will not find something that will help you. It is certainly worth the read if you feel like you are missing something in your life, or even if you just want to know if there is any way to make things 'better' for yourself.

I enjoyed this as a book to slowly read in my free time. Sometimes when I find it hard to just sit down and full out read a book that it is nice to keep it somewhere that I can enjoy it in my private time. A lot of my non-fiction books are like that and it makes me very happy for a lack of better words.
This book is something that I would recommend for those who are looking to make long term changes to their lives. If you are still young and want to make long term goals now is the time to go about doing so. That is one thing I learned from reading the book.
I would give this book a THREE out of FIVE stars.
Have a nice week and I will see you all in a couple of days!
- K
P.S. Still no K's Classic's this week because finals are coming up. Eventually I will get back to them but not until I have the time to do so.
If you have any suggestions to things that would make this blog more enjoyable I would love to hear from you!


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