Another Day in the Life of K: Wednesday

I wake up around 9 and basically sit at my desk until my roommate wakes up. She normally catches up on Supernatural (which comes on Tuesdays but she can't watch it in the dorm). Around 10:30 we go down for last minute Breakfast and then head back to the room.
She heads off to class not long after that and I take a shower while she is gone and do my homework and assigned readings for the next few days.
When she comes back from her classes around 1:30 we go for lunch. Once we get back we usually go to Walmart before her night class to pick up food that will hold us over until the weekend when we will make the trip up again.
After getting back we usually eat a bit of the food we picked up and go back to doing work/reading/watching movies and things like that. 
We go to dinner around 5 or 6 depending on how hungry we are and then she heads to class while I settle down with a movie of some sort. We still go to bed early on Wednesday nights because she has class at 8:30 the next morning although I do a little reading on my own because my classes don't start until 10.
Lately our light hasn't been working and even though we have called maintenance twice it has still been two weeks and no one was come to fix it. We can't even do it ourselves because we were instructed not to mess with anything, including the lights, in our room. What jerks! That means I can't do any reading after 5 because it gets dark very early here.
Oh well, hopefully that will be done with soon enough.
Enjoy the rest of your week!
- K


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