Following Your Dreams

Good day everyone, I hope everything is going well as usual. For my random Wednesday post today I will be talking about dreams. Not the dreams you have while you sleep, although this might be part of the case, but more like the goals you set for yourself that you picture for your perfect life.
It is important to have these dreams because it gives you something to look forward to in the future. Sure, many people won't accomplish these goals but a lot of that is chalked up to either the fact that they set unrealistic goals, or that they give up trying to reach them because they figure it is impossible at that point. Well the truth is, it may be impossible if you stop trying but as long as you keep putting a foot forward and have a good plan there is a much better chance that you will someday reach it.
Everyone should have a goal. Here is mine;

I am still young, but when I grow up I want to live in a castle. Sounds stupid but hear me out. I am still in school. As soon as I begin working full time I am going to start putting money aside. I will have a financial plan that makes it so that within 20-30 years I can afford to buy the dream castle I have always wanted.
In the castle I will have one secret room that will hold all of my weapons (I am a collector of swords and knives and other - not guns- sort of weapons) that will be hidden behind a bookshelf. 
One room will be dedicated to be my library. I have already started collecting the books that I read and the library will be filled with books, just like in Beauty and the Beast. In this room there will be an old fireplace with comfy chairs for me to sit in while I reread my books.
Another room will be my travel room. It will be filled with all of the souvenirs I collect from traveling all over the world. (Another dream of mine is to travel to every continent and see the whole world) 
Finally, I will have children and many animals living in the castle where my family can come and stay with me in one of the many rooms of the manor. We will hold large parties and allow people to rent out the ballroom for weddings and receptions. There will be parties and a large kitchen for Adam because he wants to cook more than anything.
Maybe even a private study in one of the towers where I can spend some of my time writing and doing my work. 

That is my dream. Sure, it may not sound like something that I can accomplish. But keep in mind that I am still young, and you are too. It is never too late to make your dream come true. If your dream is so big that you can't make it come true, then make a new dream. Keep making dreams for yourself and never give up. It is fun losing yourself for hours at a time wishing that one day you will have the life you always wanted.
And hey, you can come visit me at my castle if you want. Just make sure you call ahead.
Have a great week everyone and remember to keep reading and keep dreaming. I will see you all next week!
- K


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