Wednesday Update

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you are all keeping well. I hope you are all working hard on your reading list or, if you aren't working on a reading list, that you are at least reading. I have recently picked up a few new books with one common theme: Vampires.
It has been a while since I have read a good vampire book (one not meant to make teenage girls squeal). I picked up Bram Stoker's Dracula so that I can read a classic, and I will be reading Interview with a Vampire. I haven't seen the movie but I will most likely watch it after I read the book if I think it will be as good as everyone tells me that it is. 
So far I am keeping up with the reading challenge, but I am struggling not to fall behind. Thankfully I will have a week off school to get ahead of my readings which means that I will have many more reviews to add on the coming Monday's. 
Well that is all I have to update for today. If any of you are going to the Pittsburg Penguin game in Ottawa tomorrow keep an eye out for my brother. He will be the tiny man with a cast on his arm.
Have a great week everyone and I will see you again on Monday!
Keep up the great reading.
- K


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