Full Story Synopsis: Walking Dead Comics

The Walking Dead Comics

Police officer Rick is shot one day while on the job with his partner Shane. He wakes up several months later in an abandoned hospital with no idea what happened. As he wanders around trying to find a person he stumbles upon mass hordes of the undead. He accidentally kills one before escaping from the hospital to the outside world where he finds his hometown destroyed.
He steals a bike from a dead woman on the ground and tries to make it home when a young boy knocks him unconscious.
When he wakes up he meets his attacker a young boy and his father who thought he was undead. He helps them break into the police station to get weapons and then asks them to come along with him as he goes to find his wife and son in Atlanta, where he thinks they would have gone. They thank him but say they are safe where they are.
Rick takes a horse from a local barn and rides down the deserted road towards Atlanta. The city there is abandoned and quiet until he rounds a corner and run directly into a group of the undead. They eat his horse and he is saved by a group of people. They take him back to their camp where he finds his wife, son, and partner Shane with a bunch of other people surviving.
Rick and another of the group eventually go into town to get supplies and Rick helps him get in by killing a zombie and covering them with its blood. It works for a while until the rain washes the blood away and the others notice them. They manage to escape just in time with their supplies.
When they get back to camp they prepare for a night while Rick’s wife seems to hide an intimate relationship with Shane. It is admitted that while they thought that Rick was dead the two of them had hooked up.
Later that night the camp is attacked by the undead killing a few of the members and forcing the others to flee in the morning. They burry their dead before moving on in hopes of a better place.
Before they leave Rick is confronted by Shane who is intent on killing him to get back the relationship he had with Rick’s wife. When he goes to shoot him a shot rings out over Rick’s shoulder hitting Shane and killing him. Rick turns around and finds his son holding the smoking gun.
From there the group leave telling everyone that Shane is dead.



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