The World Below by Mike Phillips

Hello everyone I hope you are having a great day. I'm sorry this is coming at you later in the day than usual but I only just finished reading the book a couple minutes ago. It has taken me a while to read the book as a lot of books have lately but it isn't because I didn't like the book it is just because I have been so busy with school. I am off next week so I am hoping to get a chance to catch up on some reading then.
Also, I am sure some of you are noticing that I am reading books lately that aren't very well known books. As apposed to the teen books or popular books I used to do I have been doing other types of books. This is because I think it is great to look at other books that one doesn't always see and I am always looking to help out authors when they ask me to check out their book for them. 
With that out of the way let me tell you a bit about the book:

A man is called to the side of the Goblin King to be hired to retrieve a sword that was stollen from him. Under a blood tie he has to go to the world above, the human world, to try to find the woman who stole the sword.
In the human world Michael, a human man, works his job when he is horribly injured in an accident on site. The work place refuses to help pay for the plastic surgery it would take to get his face/head back to what it used to be before. It is suggested that he try to make money away from that job after quitting and go back to school so he can do better things.
As Michael attempts to get a job he meets a man selling hotdogs on the street who gives him a free hotdog and then invites him to meet his friends. After meeting his friends at an art gallery he decides that he will play guitar on the street to earn money for rent and save up to go to school.
He manages to meet a girl and for a time seems to get his life in order a bit. But nothing is as it seems. The Under World is coming for him for reasons he doesn't understand and he will need to figure out how to deal with a world he refuses to accept exists.
Getting plastic surgery to fix himself is soon to be the least of his worries.

For some reason going into this book I imagined the Goblin King to be like Jareth from the Labyrinth. I suppose he wasn't but the book was still good non-the-less. I liked the split point of view between a guy who doesn't want to believe what he is seeing and someone who grew up in the Under World. 
The writing style is also pretty advanced. It is clear that the author has been writing for a while which is certainly a good thing. Experience makes the story that much better.
As for the characters they seemed pretty realistic in a fantasy sort of way. This normally isn't my type of book to read so I am not sure what is good and bad in terms of characters but I liked them anyway.
This is a story that goes to show that even when your life seems to be at the worst, it can still get worse again. Good humour.
With all of that being said I would rate this at a 3 out of 5 stars.
Well that is all for today! Have a great day and happy reading!
- K 


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