The Clouds

Good day everyone. Today I am going to do a different type of review. Since I haven't had to the time to read an actual book because school has kept me so flipping busy I will do a review on a play that I was forced to read for my European History class. It is called, "The Clouds", and it is a Greek play from long long ago. But when you think old plays I am sure you mostly think of Shakespeare which for many of you may be a traumatic thing.  
The Clouds is actually much more enjoyable (and easier to understand) than most of Shakespeare's plays. There is a lot of fart/butt jokes throughout the play and it isn't very long. For my paper I had to write on this play but it isn't a book that I hate because I was forced to read it for class. Let me tell you a bit about it:

A farmer (with a name I can't remember or pronounce) reflects on the debt he has accumulated because of his sons horse gambling. He knows his creditors will be coming for him soon so he asks his son to go to the 'Thinkery' to learn how to argue so he can cheat himself out of debt.
When his son refuses he goes himself to see about learning the new ways of life. Socrates, the teacher of the school, agrees to try to teach the old farmer but he is very old and has trouble remembering everything.
While there for a short time he is introduced to the new ways of thinking which is that the Gods don't really exist and that it is the clouds that cause all of the things to do with nature. This amazes the farmer and for a few moments he even starts to believe it.
With the time to pay up coming closer he tries his best to figure out the new ways. If he can't he will have to beg his son to do so for him. 
If he can't do that then he will have to face his creditors with no money to pay them back. As the clock ticks down to due day he has to choose between his pride and his beliefs. The ending for him will be a lesson that everyone should understand.

I really enjoyed reading it and I managed to read the entire play in under two hours and I believe that the other plays by the same writer at the time were also very good, but slightly inappropriate. 
Because of the fact that I actually liked this play, which is unusual, I will rate this book at a 3 out of 5 stars.
Enjoy everyone!
- K


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