When Writing a Book

When writing a book I find the best thing I can do to get into writing is simply to get excited about it. When I want to start writing, whether it is a book or just for fun (since I have only been published a handful of times), I have to be excited about the outcome of the project. 
Planning is always a big part of anything because with no planning you are just throwing out information with no order. I like to have an organized outline that I add to and take away from as I am going along.
Talking with friends about my writing also helps me get ideas. When I am thinking whether or not something is interesting it is my friends who are brutally honest with me and help to come up with great ideas. 
Realistic characters are something that you have to base off of someone in your life or you run the risk of them being unrealistic. It is easy to lay out what kind of personality you want a character to have but when you put all of that together it isn't always what you planned. Whereas when you base it off a friend or family member you can watch what the do and put their actions into words. 
Here are just a few tips that I find help me when I am trying to write a story. I hope this helps anyone who is planning on doing so.
Happy reading and have a great day!
- K


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