Illegally Downloading Books

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all having a great day!
In the last couple days I have gone to school and finished reading a few books. But just yesterday I finished a book and suddenly had a lot of time on my hand. I wanted to do some reading but I had no book on me and there was no where near me to get a book. That is when I started thinking.
I have a copy of the Mazy Runner at home, which is the next book on my list. I would love to start reading it now but I can't. But I did buy the book. Would it really be so bad to download the book on my phone considering I had already made the purchase? In that case I could start reading it on my phone and then continue reading with the actual book once I got home.
Being  a good person I decided not to download the book, but it did get me thinking. Say you purchase a book but are thinking the same thing I was. Is it really bad to download the book once you have purchased the actual book as a short substitute in the time it takes you to get to the book?
You have already supported the author. But at the same time it is also encouraging people to illegally put those books up in the first place. This creates a real moral problem for people who think the way I do.
Now, I would never EVER suggest that downloading a book illegally is the answer to anything. I always support authors and believe that purchasing a book is the best way to read it. 
But it gives you something to think about. Maybe when you buy a book you should have the option to a have a digital copy sent to your phone. That way even if you don't have the hard copy on you it is possible to read it.
For those of your who are saying, 'just buy an e-book' you are harshing my groove. I like real books and nothing can replace them. Ebooks are only a substitute until I can get to my real books at home.
So that is all I have to say on my crisis with books. Have a great week everyone and I will see you later.
- K


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