Good day everyone I hope you are having a good week. This week I have been doing more research into audio books, which if you remember I said I might do last week if I had the time. So I did and now I have the official K's report on what they are like.
While it takes a little less time to get through a full one since you don't have to waste time turning pages, you have to have the attention span to listen to someone telling you about the book. It isn't a movie and if you are doing something else while listening you might miss what is going on.
You don't really have a choice in voice actor, which I found out the hard way when the third book in the series I was reading suddenly changed. This upset me a little because it really does change the whole book when someone else is narrating it for you. If the book you choose to read does have a choice always go with the man with the English accent.
The price is twice as expensive as normal books since you are paying for the person reading you the book. So basically you have to pay to be lazy. I don't know how I feel about that.
The choice you have to make at this point is whether you want to pay a 'normal' price for a normal book or to pay double to have someone read you the same book.
All in all they worked for me to sit down one day and just listen to them. If you manage to find a free audiobook (LEGALLY) I would recommend giving them a try just to see what your opinion of them are.
That is my advice to you.
Have a nice day everyone and happy reading!
- K


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