Once Upon a Stolen Time by Samreen Ashan

Good day everyone! This week I have read a book called Once Upon a Stolen time. This is a super special book because it comes out TOMORROW! That's right, you don't have to do the crazy wait because you only have one sleep before this amazing book comes out.
In a combination of modern day and ancient times we are able to witness the coming together of two people that were literally meant for each other across time and space. But a little warning for the younger audience that this book is not completely appropriate.
With that out of the way let me tell you a bit about it!

Myra is a blogger who does reviews and information about popular castles across Europe. There has always been one castle she has always wanted to go to but it has been closed off to all people for almost 200 years. There is rumour of a curse lying on it.
Now Myra might have a chance to live her dream when he parents try to force her to marry the boy next door. Myra only just met the man, who turns out to be gay but hasn't told his parents, but the two quickly become friends and he makes her an offer.
Despite being rich he develops games and wants Myra to model for his next character. The bonus to this is that they will be filming the scenes for the game inside of the famous and sealed off castle. Myra agrees of course, excited to finally live her dream!
Meanwhile, centuries in the past, Edward is the prince living in the cursed castle. His father, a cruel and abusive man, is about to force him to choose a bride at his coming party. Edward tries his best not to become like his father but can feel reality slipping as he lives eternity alone.
In his dreams he sees a girl who he knows is meant for him. But for all his trying he has never been able to find her.
Will his dream girl finally step out of the world of the future to find him in a world of the past? When she does nothing will be as they expected.

A great book with a great writing style. I love the way the characters interact and the resistance they have to obeying their parents wishes. 
Certainly worth a read if you get the chance!
Don't forget people, it comes out tomorrow so you can be first in line to get your own copy!
I would rate this book at a 4 out of 5 star rating!
Have a great day everyone and happy reading.
- K


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