Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Good day everyone. This week I started reading the Life of Pi. Before I knew it was a novel I saw the movie with my boyfriend. For such a simple plot I found that I loved the movie and was delighted to find out that it was actually a best selling book. I went out while I was home and got a copy although I only just got to reading to it today. Lucky for you it only takes me two hours to read a book this size.
Let me tell you a bit about it:

A journalist interviews Pi, a man living in Toronto Canada, as he tells the amazing story of his life. Every couple of chapters the journalist puts in his opinion of the man, his situation, and the things that he says.
Pi tells the story from when he was very young living with his family in India. His father ran a hotel at first and then ran a zoo. There, Pi learned many things about animals, including the harsh lessons by his father about the dangers of the animals. None are as dangerous as Richard Parker, a tiger that resides at the zoo.
When Pi's family decides to move their zoo across the sea they load the family aboard a large boat with all of the animals from the zoo. But a storm at sea sinks the boat, leaving Pi the only survivor of his family.
Pi finds himself on a life raft with a few of the animals that managed to survive the wreck. Uncomfortable around the deadlier type on the raft Pi keeps his distance the best he can. He watches as the animals kill themselves while he struggles to keep them apart.
Soon he realizes just how bad his situation is when the only animals alive on the raft other than himself is Richard Parker, the tiger his father warned him about. 
Thus the two, Tiger and Man, must learn to live together in the sea where no one is coming to their rescue. 
This is the story of their journey to find land and how to live with a monster that could kill you at any time. 

I loved the writing in this story. The author had a way of flowing things that not only told a story but also gave background information about a man that has suffered greatly in his life to get where he is today.
The characters, Richard Parker the tiger and Pi the young man, worked greatly together to create this magical story. 
Who knew that a story with only two real characters could be so interesting! I would read this book again any other time.
Because of this I would rate this story at a 4 out of 5 stars.
Have a great day everyone and happy reading!
- K


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