Wednesday Update

Hey everyone. Lately I have been thinking that, since I go to school almost all of the time, it might be worthwhile for me to start reading ebooks. I know I said how much I dislike them, and I do, but I have to walk so far to get to school and books get heavy! 
My thought it that I will start buying books online if I need to so that I can read at school whenever I want. I do actually own one of the very old Kobo devices, but I have long since lost the cable for it.
For the sake of you guys, who deserve a new book every week, I might start reading ebooks all the time to keep up with the readings. 
To be completely honest it might even be easier for me to go this way, even just for a little while. I won't have to get a ride to the book store to buy a book, since I can do it right from my device, and it will be lighter than the average book. 
So we will see how this works out and if it doesn't I will go back to regular books. 
Other than that I hope you are all having a great week so far. 
Have a great day and happy reading!
- K


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