Allison Hewitt is Trapped by Madeleine Roux

Good morning everyone! Okay, maybe it isn't morning anymore but for the sake of my pride I will say that it is morning and I am writing this before school (not after classes). As some of you may know after reading my previous post last week I have started reading books on my device as ebooks. This one was the first book I read.
I have to say it worked out better than I expected considering I stayed up until 1 in the morning reading on my phone until I finished and passed out with my phone on my chest. When I woke up I read another book in one sitting. So far everything is working out nicely with the device reading.
But let's talk about Allison Hewitt:

We start our story hearing from Allison on a military network as she blogs about the first days of the outbreak. Her and a few of her coworkers managed to hide themselves away in the break room when their bookstore was attacked.
In the break room they have fridges, back-up generators, and security cameras so they can keep their eye on the rest of the store. But despite how well their living arrangements are they decide that they need to get out and go to find somewhere safer for them to stay. 
When things turn bad in their new location they strike out in two teams, one hunting down a traitor from their group and the other hoping to reach another known safe zone. 
Allison has a lot of challenges she will have to face and when you don't know how long your friends will be around it makes life hard to keep living. 
Follow Allison on her journey and through the comments on her posts learn how the rest of the world is doing. There will be undead and there will be traitors. There will be crazy religious people who can't handle the end of the world and there will be dogs. Yep, there is a dog. All the more reason to read it.

Despite the crappy description of the book I really did like it. The only reason the description is short this time is because I would be giving too much away if I told you any more. Trust me when I say it is an interesting book and the description is as true to the story as I could keep it without ruining things.
The thing I loved the most about the layout of the story was that not only was it in the format of a blog entry, but it also had comments viewable in the proper format at the end of each chapter/entry. 
The characters were great as well. Allison herself seemed easy to mould to the story line and had realistic problems that someone would normally go through. Sometimes being realistic in a story is better than just being brave. 
Side note: Allison had an Axe. I respect her for that. I like her axe. 
The story moved quickly, which is good considering how much they have to cover in such a short book. 
All of this put together and I would rate this book at a 4 out of 5 stars.
Have a great day everyone and happy reading!
- K


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