A Series of Unfortunate Events

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great day. A few weeks ago I did my review for the first book in the Series of Unfortunate Events series. Since then I have read a few more books and I decided that instead of doing a review for one book each week I would just tell you straight up how I feel about the series.
As most people don't read just one book in this series with the intent of not continuing on I will let you know my experience as I read on past the first book. Mainly, I am confused about how I feel about these books.
The first couple books were good because I had a general idea about how to books were going to go based on the movie. But as the books went on I found that there was a very strict pattern of events that the author stuck to. SPOILER ALERT kinda...
- The children move to a new family member
- They are sad but decide to stick with it
- Count Olaf shows up in disguise
- The kids recognize him
- They tell their family member
- No one believes them
- Family member dies/doesn't do anything
- Count Olaf almost gets the kids
- They foil his plan last minute
- He gets away
- Repeat
One thing that completely pissed me off was that the adults are beyond stupid in this book. If children can recognize that the woman trying to adopt them is clearly an old man in a wig then the adults sure as hell ought to! There is literally a conversation that goes like this:
"We are telling you, that is Count Olaf!"
"You kids said that last time."
"It was him last time!"
"That's not the point!"
Like what the actual hell?! Please pardon my use of teenage terms here. The characters beyond the three children are so stupid that it makes the book impossible to read. When the same thing happens over and over again I start to lose interest.
That being said, I have not gotten past the fifth book out of 13 I believe. The pattern could change after this but it wouldn't matter to me. If I cannot get past the first four books then I refuse to move on in the series.
And that is all I have to say on the matter.
If I had to rate the series as a whole, keeping in mind I could not get past 5 books, I would give it a 2 out of 5 stars. I'm sure there are those of you who disagree with me but I stand on my decision.
Have great day everyone and happy reading!
- K


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