Top 5: Amazon Buys (books)

1. Kitty Hawk: This whole series has been such a great discovery for me. Growing up I loved Nancy Drew and this book has offered me the same girl packaged in a Canadian Goose jacket. Not only is every book set in a different location around the world but the author has done so much research that I wouldn't even be able to tell if he hadn't been there himself.

2. Under a Broken Sky: Post apocalypse at its best here with a scientific undertone. See how different groups react to the new world through the eyes of a man who is no hero by any standpoint. Start riots, steal whenever you cat, and watch out for the funnies. This book kept me glued to the pages from start to finish.

3. The Secret Apocalypse: First book free on Kobo and other e-readers. Imagine the zombie apocalypse. Now imagine it on an island. Now imagine it in Australia where the entire island has been sealed off from the world and no one outside the island knows what is going on. Follow one girl as she fights to keep her friends alive when there is literally no where to hide.

4. Days with the Undead: Written in Blog style, a nurse recounts her journey across a continent trying to outrun a zombie plague. Joined by her friends and co-workers she calls for help in each blog entry until she finds a way out. All she has to do is survive the journey to safety, if there really is such a place.

5. Allison Hewitt is Trapped: Written in blog style, watch Allison survive a zombie outbreak while trapped in the break room or her bookstore. With internet service still running and the security cameras giving her a full view of the rest of the world the group knows they cannot stay there forever. But where can you go when you are downtown in a zombie infested city?


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